Digital Wellbeing comes to OnePlus 6/6T, OnePlus 5/5T via open beta updates

OnePlus recently pushed Oxygen OS beta updates to the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5 family of phones that brought Android’s June security patch and new features from Android Pie and the OnePlus 7 Pro, reports XDA Developers.

Starting with OxygenOS Open Betas 34(OP5), 32(OP5T), 20(OP6), and 12(OP6T), respectively, an Android Pie’s function called Digital Wellbeing finally graces the four older phones even though they’ve had Pie for a while now.

Digital Wellbeing is a tool to monitor smartphone usage and curb smartphone addiction. It is also the alleged culprit behind the Pixel’s performance issues. Google plans to expand the health feature in Android Q.

The Fnatic mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro is also trickling down to the OP6 series and OP5 series. The new mode is essentially a branded gaming mode to boost performance.

Apart from that, OnePlus said a slew of features like Zen Mode(20 minutes of zero notification), DC dimming(reduce eye strain), Quick reply in landscape, Screen Recorder, and RAM Boost (better performance) will land on its 2017 and 2018 flagships. The company also guaranteed these four phones will get Android Q eventually.

OnePlus tests new features in the open beta channels and evaluate community feedback before implementing them into the stable channels for other OnePlus users. New Open Beta updates usually come every two weeks or so, per XDA.

Via: XDA Developers

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