LG unveils IPS gaming monitor lineup with 1ms response time

At E3 2019, LG showed the world’s first two IPS gaming monitors with an incredibly fast 1ms response time typically reserved for TN monitors. Carrying the new UltraGear brand, the new monitors come in two sizes.

The smaller 27-inch 27GL850 has a 1440P (2560 x 1440) IPS panel with a native 144Hz refresh rate. Designed to work with AMD Radeon GPUs, the monitor supports Freesync for a much smoother gaming experience when frame rate fluctuate. However, that doesn’t mean LG wants to cast Nvidia users aside. The 27GL850 is G-Sync Compatible, meaning green team users can take advantage of Freesync as well.

Other specs include HDR10 support and a versatile monitor stand that comes in the box.

The bigger 38GL950G is a different beast. It has a 37.5-inch WQHD(3840 by 1600) ultrawide IPS panel with a native 144Hz refresh rate. It’s also possible to overclock the display to 175Hz. In comparison, many high-end ultrawide monitors like the Acer Predator Z35P top out at 3440 by 1440 with 120Hz. Other than that, the 38-inch variant has RGB and native G-Sync support for Nvidia GPUs only.

However, both LG monitors come with a rudimentary VEGA Display HDR 400 certification. The press release says nothing about the new monitors’ backlighting system. Given that, it is possible they lack the Full-Array-Back-Lighting(FALD) system that minimizes the annoying ‘halo’ effect when displaying HDR content.

Unfortunately, this particular disadvantage also makes the new LG ultrawide less attractive than the other new monitors in 2019. For gamers, the upcoming AOC Agon AG353UCG, Acer Predator X35, and ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ all carry a FALD system, 200Hz, and the best VESA Display HDR1000 for increased peak brightness levels.

LG says pre-orders for the 27-inch variant starts on July 1st in the US but gives no price. There is no word on price or availability of the 38-inch model.

Source: LG

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